Travel Information Signs

Complete route diagram to assure commuters while queuing for trains. Station names are placed above doors for alighting passengers on the opposite platform.

Colors are contrasted to differentiate between arrival and departure information.

A collaboration with the Signals & Comms team to redesign the station travel information displays for better consistency. The new design allows for train information of up to six platforms without the need to toggle between pages, so commuters can always get the information they need at a glance.

Having updates while waiting can reduce anxiety and frustration for commuters.

Redesigned station travel information at platforms ensures graphical consistency. Redesigned layout to enlarge arrival times for better visibility across the platform.
Videos playing on the screen will not change the display of arrival times anymore. Commuters will not need to “re-centre” to look for arrival times at a glance.

To guide the current and future teams on application of the new signage system, I created a new Transit Signage Manual in 3 volumes. My aim is to make the manual serve as a teaching tool to get the teams aligned on signage hierarchy and system logic. It is critical that the stakeholders understand the purpose of each sign because the system needs to remain flexible to fit different complexities across the network. Get a peek of the new Manual in the next chapter.