15 September 2020

AIGA Eye on Design

Singaporean Design Writer, Justin Zhuang, writes about my journey revamping the signage system for Singapore’s MRT stations.

March/April 2020

Transit Map World Cup 2020

An informal tournament of official maps conducted by, with voting from transit and mapping enthusiasts from around the world. Singapore’s new System Map eventually reached Top 4 alongside my hero maps (Moscow and Oslo), while beating London and Paris along the way. It was surreal and humbling.

11 Dec 2019

LTA’s Official Facebook Page & Twitter

The new System Map launch video boosted LTA’s online positive interactions. On Facebook, it had generated over 2000 reactions and 500 shares, compared to the average of <500 on LTA’s page. On twitter, it had over 500 interactions compared to less than 100 on other tweets from LTA.

11 Dec 2019

CNA Singapore

Singapore’s news outlets reported on the Launch of the new Signage System and new System Map.