Transit Signage Manual

The new manual guides stakeholders and contractors to understand and apply the new signage system. It is presented in three volumes, Volume 1: Graphic Standards, Volume 2: Hardware, Volume 3: Submittals.

The structure of the manual was reconfigured to function as a teaching tool. Rationale and design intentions are added to provide more background to aid understanding of the team’s thought process, for all future readers of the manual.

Transit Signage Manual Volume 1 has two parts, foundational elements and actual sign graphic standards.
Diagrams explaining the rationale and logic of the system can be found throughout the Transit Signage Manual.
The manual also provides overviews, for teams to relate separate signs in a series and apply them in unison.

Directional signs are designed to be modular to ensure application consistency. This also enables the team to quickly verify the quality of work submitted by contractors.

In-depth design guidelines for complex signs, to ensure consistency. Once again, logic and details are laid out to ensure future teams do not follow existing signs and apply them blindly.

Project Name: New Transit Signage Manual

Software: InDesign CC, Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC

Year: 2017 – 2019

Launched: Dec 2018