One-stop Information Point

New signage system for Singapore MRT station
To provide a more assuring wayfinding experience, we revamped the information signs in two ways:

1. Improved, enlarged graphics and content longevity
This ensures ease of maintenance for our operators and assures commuters that every information point they find in a single station is consistent and reliable.

2. Reduced the hardware footprint
To make information points less bulky, so these self-help points can be strategically placed around the station without blocking the way. Not having to hunt for an information point is crucial for the system to work.

New Locality Map

Designed for greater ease of use. Colors and element sizes are curated to enhance the visual hierarchy of the map. Exits, station amenities, and connected modes of transport are top priorities.

New Exit Directory

Shows complete information on landmarks surround the station at every information point. A new feature includes flexible space for station-specific needs, such as shuttle buses to nearby hospitals or attractions. Any exits without lifts can also be highlighted here.

Placement plays a big role in the effectiveness of information signs.

So we spent significant effort to work with architects in reviewing information points’ placement strategy, despite already in construction phase. Future stations will be adopting these new strategies as we managed to capture the enhancements at design phases.

One information point serving commuters in both ticketed and non-ticketed concourse areas.

Tearing apart to rebuild the Information Architecture

To better serve every commuter, from those who need quick assurance to the completely clueless, the sign system must have a common language and hierarchy to allow users to zoom in and out when necessary

“Signage must be consistent”, goes beyond fonts and colors used. The information itself must be consistent to gain the commuters’ trust and to better manage commuters’ expectations.

Existing Information Signs

The existing system blurred the lines between directional and informational content, which resulted in inconsistency and uncertainties across the network.

existing information signs
Can you find information on Exit D?
Currently at (NE 7 / DT 12) Little India Station

New Information Points

New signage system for Singapore MRT station
Complete directions at a glance. Complete information in one point.
Launched at (NS 9 / TE 2) Woodlands Station

Singapore’s MRT network is 100% accessible with lifts fitted in every station to bring commuters from street to platform. However, some retrofitted lifts can be hard to find, so the team introduced a family of Priority Signs to help you find them, plus more. See the family in the next chapter.