Directional Detox

Signage systems are complex and well connected, changes made to any one element on a sign can affect another unknowingly. These icons are reviewed with two shortcomings of the existing system in mind: 1) the overreliance on English text, and 2) the limited size of sign content.

Making the MRT Identity more cohesive, from systemwide to each station.

Singapore is a global city, with an aging population.

Improved to make key amenities distinct, especially important for elderly commuters.
The existing bus stop code does not relate to information obtained outside of the station. The new icon features the same colour as public buses and unique bus stop IDs for continuity from journey planning on mobile apps.

The goal was to make directions easy to follow, for the young and old, local and foreign.

New directional signs are icon and colour driven. With less to decipher and more to see, decisions can be made quickly and easily throughout the station. Designed for flexibility to encourage better planning at the pre-construction phase.
sample of changes

Imagine you can’t read a single word of English, and everyone around you is in a rush.

Caplet shape to represent the MRT Network.
Enhanced outdoor sign for visibility and
maintainability as well.

Focusing on colors and shapes
for a more universal directional sign.

Introducing escalator-arrows
to differentiate going up/down and going forward

Using colors and large icons to assure commuters of their decisions made.

Project Name: Singapore MRT Signage System Revamp 2020
Software: Illustrator CC
Year: 2015 – 2019
Launched: 11 Dec 2019

So how would commuters know which exit to head towards? More on the revamped information signs in the next chapter.